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Welcome to MobyMania.iWarp.com
This is a fan site dedicated to the electronic music recording artist Moby.


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Who is Moby?

It can definitely be said thet Moby is one of techno music's most controversial figures. He has alternately been praised for bringing a face to the notoriously annonymous electronic genre, and being shunned by trivializing the form.

Being one of the most important dance musicians of the early 90s, helping bring the music to a mainstream audience in both England and in the states. Moby put together rapid disco beats with heavy distorted guitars, punk rhythms and detailed productions that drew equally from pop, dance, and soundtracks. His music not only differs from both the cool surface textures of ambient music and the hedonistic world of house, but so does his lifestyle - Moby is a devout and almost radical Christian, and a die-hard vegan and environmentalist. "Go" was a top ten hit in the UK in 91, which established him as one of the premier techno producers. By the time he came to the attention of American record critics with 1995's Everything is Wrong, his following from the early 90s had begun to erode, particularly in Britain. Nevertheless he remained one of the most recognizable figures within techno, even after he abandoned the music for guitar-rock with Animal Rights

Born Richard Melville Hall, Moby received his nickname as a child; it derives from the fact that Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick, is his great-great granduncle. Moby was born and raised in Darien, Connecticut, where he played in a hardcore punk band called the Vatican Commandos as a teenager. Later, he briefly sang with Flipper, while their singer was serving time in jail. He briefly attended college, before he moved to New York City, where he began DJing in dance clubs. During the late '80s and 1990, he released a number of singles and EPs for the independent label Instinct. In 1991, he set the theme from David Lynch's television series Twin Peaks to an insistent, house-derived rhythm and titled the result "Go." The single became a surprise British hit single, climbing into the Top Ten. Following its success, Moby was invited to remix a number of mainstream and underground acts, including Michael Jackson, Pet Shop Boys, Brian Eno, Depeche Mode, Erasure, the B-52's and Orbital.

Moby continued performing at dances and raves throughout 1991 and 1992, culminating in a set at 1992's Mixmag awards where he broke his keyboards at the end of his concert. Moby, his first full-length album, appeared in 1992. In 1993, he released the double A-side single "I Feel It" / "Thousand," which became a moderate UK hit. According to the {-Guinness Book of Records}, "Thousand" is the fastest single ever, appropriately clocking in at 1000 beats a minutes. That same year, Moby signed a record contract with Mute and his first release was Ambient, which compiled unissued material recorded between 1988 and 1991. Later that year, The Story So Far, a collection of singles released on Instinct, appeared. In 1994, the single "Hymn" -- one of the first fusions of gospel, techno and ambient music -- was released.

In 1994, Moby signed a major-label contract with Elektra Records in the U.S. Everything Is Wrong, his first album released under the deal, appeared in the spring of 1995 to uniformly excellent reviews, especially in the American press, who had previously ignored him. Despite the promotional push behind the album and his popular sets at the 1995 Lollapalooza, the album wasn't a commercial success. The following year, Moby suddenly abandoned techno to record heavy guitar rock for Animal Rights, which received mixed reviews. A partial return to electronica, 1997's I Like to Score, was followed by 1999's Play. Surpassing everyone's expectations, the album became a platinum hit and reached number one in the U.K., while numerous tracks were licensed by dozens of advertisers and compilers.

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